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  1. Hi to all, I have an xtreme photoplay that no longer starts the system, I distinctly remember that the last few times had problems with the hd and was always the windowsxp scandisk so I'm sure it mounted an XP system version but the dongle is not usb but mounted on a serial port, on the dongle attached to a cable it says FW \ Feb 2003, but as far as I know it is strange since there is an xp and it had to be a usb dongle! Now I have various versions of cd but all igo and all with pts-dos which obviously do not work, the motherboard is the 6wev! Does anyone have a chance to pass me some iso to
  2. Major updates: I managed to solve the mystery, I made a copy with ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE and it works great, the motherboard in question is one of those with the keyboard attachment for AT / XT I've got an adapter, I entered the bios and hacking hacking I managed to make it work in practice I do not know why but when I removed the hd, and I tried to do the cloning, time to put the original one in the car had changed some values ​​in the bios and did not fit! Anyway I knew many things about these machines and any attached dongle is a specific version of the system, if it gets an update with the n
  3. Wichtige Updates: Ich schaffte es, das Rätsel zu lösen, habe ich eine Kopie mit Acronis True Image und es funktioniert super, ist das Motherboard in Frage einer von denen mit der Tastatur Befestigung für AT / XT habe ich einen Adapter habe, trat ich in die BIOS und Hacking Hacking Ich schaffte es, dass es in der Praxis funktionieren, weiß ich nicht warum, aber wenn ich die hd entfernt, und ich versuchte, das Klonen zu tun, hatte Zeit, um das Original in den Wagen setzen einige Werte im Bios verändert und passte nicht! Wie auch immer ich wusste, dass viele Dinge über diese Maschinen und alle
  4. in the bios i not see label of dma.....!! and now?? EDIT@ now not run the original HDD...........................................i dont know why...the pc stop at boot when VERIFYING DMI POOL DATA........
  5. @djkoelkast Tomorrow check in the bios if you can disable the DMA and do another test!! @samba-boy is the monitor of mi syster.....
  6. Another problem, at moment of copy i see this errors.... info??
  7. i disassembly another pc and now if work, now try the g4u for fist!!
  8. http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/#reqs this is the link whit i take the iso cd but not work.....i not see info on version..,...i
  9. Version 2.5.iso on cd-r processor intel (celeron?) on a old mini-itx motherboard !
  10. Little problem, i downloaded 2 version of G4U but not booting, an error occurred,: WARNING CAN'T ALLOCATE MEMORY SEGMENT FROM IOMEM EXTEND MAP- THE OPERATING SYSTEM HAS HEALTED!! Help?
  11. @djkoelkast Yes I'm using google translated, my english is not the best:-D We hope that you quoted is heard and enlighten me! Now I give a look on the link to G4U and see if I can figure something out, however it is difficult to use? @ROSS I might also try the option linux but that version of linux mount? maybe a live? is there already the dd program or need to download it separately?
  12. Thank you very much for the answer in the meantime, to make the clone I tried with norton ghost with no results, I wanted to try to use Acronis True Image, you say you will give me the same problem? I do not know this system, you could explain it better? You say that the problem is linked to the image made​​?
  13. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and I turn to you for advice on a photoplay as far as I know not. I have a photoplay dongle parallel model blue 2001 (IT), all working perfectly. My idea was to create an image of the hard disk inside so that when I will no longer work to restore an image to a new harddisk. I started to do some tests and I can not boot the system with the copy I made ​​on another hard drive of course, I get an error at startup of the system. Now I ask you who know more than me, the dongle controls serial hard drive inside to work? How can I fix the problem? If I have omitted
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