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    Videogaming in all of its varieties!
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    Sinclair ZX Spectrum
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  1. Ah, thankyou - I didn't realise:) Here, in English (:-)), are my latest Spectrum videos. The Jet Set Willy one is very short (under a minute) :-)
  2. Nog twee meer heerlijk Spectrum videos zijn nu online:-)
  3. Twee meer Spectrum videos zijn nu online voor jouw viewing genoegen:-)
  4. Engels subtitels hebben nu geweest toegevoegd tot mijn retro spel videos. Nederlands kan volgen als er is ieder interesseren:-) Bobbety
  5. Emulation is a wonderful invention! I'm playing these on the Android's Spectacol Emulator, running and being recorded on Nvidia's Shield TV...the greatest emulation device I've ever owned:-)
  6. Bobbety_F

    Stel je even voor #3

    I'm no genius I'm afraid, but did have a BBC Model B, and one point was dangerously addicted to Chuckie Egg;-)
  7. Bobbety_F

    Stel je even voor #3

    Engeland, sir:-)
  8. Bobbety_F

    Stel je even voor #3

    That is an uitstekend idee, sir! Although, as you can see, I am trying to learn a little Dutch:-)
  9. Bobbety_F

    Stel je even voor #3

    Hallo vrienden! Fortescue's the name and gaming is the, Hmm, should have thought that through a little more. Oh, well, onwards and upwards! Several weeks ago, I was taking tiffin in the drawing room of Fortescue Towers with my old chum, Bunty Norris. There we were in our smoking jackets and our slippers, puffing on our pipes, just reminiscing - recalling the fun we've enjoyed in our time. Oh, what larks we've had! Just when I thought we couldn't be any happier, a faraway look came upon Bunty's face and he even - dare I say it - looked thoughtful for a moment. Eventually, he said, 'I say, Bobbety old chap, do you remember our gaming days?'...and by God, I did! His words were like the popping of a champaign cork, as a spray of joyous gaming memories frothed forth: picking up my first Pong console in the 1970s...marvelling at my first micro - computer in the 80s....being stunned by my super entertainment system in the 90s, and the games! Oh, what games we played! So I decided that I would go back, back to my beginning, and play the games I left behind. I would travel back in time to the worlds of Atari and Spectrum and Snes, and feel again the joys I once felt when immersed in digital vistas of wonder. And what's more, I would record my visits for posterity and for all to see on the glorious Tube of You. And so I begin with, and that's what you will see (and hear) in my first two recordings, Manic Miner and Sabre Wulf. But as I played, my mind was changed. A further, dizzyingly exciting possiblity occured to me: why stay in the past, when the past, present and future are available? To quote from our old friend, Mr Dickens, I decided that, 'The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me'! And so my next two videos - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Resident Evil 7 are from more recent times. For my latest, Pssst, I'm back to the past. And next time...who knows? That's the beauty of my odyssey. Or at least part of it. The rest is having all of you on it with me. After all, an odyssey is no fun unless it's shared! Voor nu tot ziens:-) Bobbety.
  10. I don't know where my manners are, mijn verontschuldigingen! I will introduce myself properly where you say:) Bobbety
  11. A great games machine from the 80s, with acres of classic games. For an alternative look at some of them, take a look here: Please let me know what you think:-) Bobbety