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  1. 224/5000 Thank you! I would really like to buy a floppy disk for the p2000t, if there was someone willing to sell it to me, I'd be happy. Please try the emulator I posted and let me know if it works for you too. Greetings Edoardo
  2. Hi, attached here is m2000 for windows 10. No virtual machines are required. Cheers, Edoardo m2000-win32.7z
  3. Hi, I tried some of these roms first with the m2000 emulator and after, breaking the files into four parts to burn 4 roms 2732 that I inserted into a Familiegeheugen cartridge P2304. I tried these files and they work perfectly. Zemon 1.4.hex 5.6.hex assembler assembler 5.9.hex flexbase.hex Forth.hex Maintenance 1.hex Maintenance 2.hex tekst 1.hex Text2000 2.hex Text2000 3.hex WordProcessor 1.hex WordProcessor 2.hex Does anyone remember what Pascal's cartridges were like? If I try to load the "UCSD Pascal.hex" file I get this error (see the picture below). Thank you in advance Cheers, Edoardo