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  1. I would try it if the backup was possible in some way and was non-invasive.
  2. Hi, all ROMs are soldered. I don't know how to back up the individual ROMs when they are in PCB. Frankly speaking
  3. I'll try to open the cartridge with Basic on Monday. If the eproms are in the sockets, I can immediately do a .bin dump and post here.
  4. no, it's not in German, but in English. The boot screen is in English and the error messages are also in English. Only the layout of the keys and some characters ä, ö, ü etc. are different.
  5. I understand. I have been collecting and repairing computers since 1992. I honestly didn't even know this model existed. I first saw it last month on Ebay. It was probably more expensive, which is why no one was interested in it. But I'm satisfied. I saw one on your marktplaats.nl for €50 with unclear functionality and no basic cartridge. I am watching to see if you have other interesting pieces of old computers on this portal
  6. Hello, yes I bought this computer for my collection. It's a beautiful piece. In the end, the seller only asked for €180. I don't mind Dutch, I have Google lens after all So cool. Yesterday I changed the main switch, the original one was very unreliable. I have to get an internal memory extension somewhere, I only have 16kB. Or in cartridge form, if available. If you find one, I will buy this module. Pavel from Czech
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