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Big Bucky

Euro dance cds

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hey guy's


i collect retro cd's from 90s did someone here collect compilation's like Bravo hits, just the best, maxy dance sensation, viva hits, viva dance, ronny pop show etc... i finish full set in top condition of these but i wish to see if someone else collect too ? thanks

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Bravo Hits is more of a German series.

Here we've got these officials:


Mega Dance

538 Dance Smash

TMF Hitzone


and probably some others too.

We have also had quite a few illegal series. They were sold on schools and so, just like the Crazy Bytes, Twilight and Bits & Bytes but then for music.


They include:


Braun MTV Eurochart


Warner Brothers 




These were professionally made cds, but illegal. You can find them on car boot sales quite often.

I've changed your topic title and moved the topic to music in stead of electronics.

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i'm from Croatia so back in 90s we have here german's cd compilations so i collect them, i have around 400-500 cd's all in top shape and lot's of doubles for sell or trade for something like 100 maybe doubles 

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