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Photoplay Xtreme problem

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Hi to all, I have an xtreme photoplay that no longer starts the system, I distinctly remember that the last few times had problems with the hd and was always the windowsxp scandisk so I'm sure it mounted an XP system version but the dongle is not usb but mounted on a serial port, on the dongle attached to a cable it says FW \ Feb 2003, but as far as I know it is strange since there is an xp and it had to be a usb dongle! Now I have various versions of cd but all igo and all with pts-dos which obviously do not work, the motherboard is the 6wev!
Does anyone have a chance to pass me some iso to try?
On the hd it says update 2002 italien but I don't know how real this can be!

EDIT: I Open this item and not is a dongle but inside is a Simcard photoplay whit circuit and i don't know the use

now i see that no have any dongle serial\usb and I don't understand how it worked



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