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Retro Gamer #126 Maart 2014

Retro Gamer #126 Maart 2014

Met deze maand:

Knight Lore - A 30-year legacy (Spectrum)

The making of: Ballblazer (op de Atari 5400 en andere Lucasfilm Games Group games)

The story of Strider

Wonderswan special

Sharp X68000 (16-bit Japanse arcadegameconsole)

The making of Knights in the sky

Kirby's Dream Land 3

The bluffer's guide to Real-time strategy

Top 25 Game Boy games

Sega Rally Championship

Special over Thalion Software (Wings of Death, No second price, Lionheart)

Amstrad CPC games that time forgot

En nog veel meer.

Volgende maand: Jack the Nipper, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Pac-Land, Fairlight, Playstation gems en Commander Keen.

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