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  1. I'm sure about the colors, i saw yesterday the 3 of them, with my eyes. Thanks about the hdd info.
  2. Problem solved. Forget anything about IGO version. It was needing xpo version, however i could not boot even with xpo. After countless tests, i discovered that the plastic hdd case was faulty. Or it's ide cable, who knows. When connecting hdd straight to the mobo, it works. ALSO i had a faulty usb dongle (i didn't knew that usb dongles could die). I put a 2009 hdd and dongle and it works perfect. I didn't knew that 6wev was compatible with 2009, and it works perfect. One thing i forgot to ask: In case of hdd failure, can i use other brand hdd, or it boots only with the "Quantum Fireball"? Does anyone tried? Other things i learned from photoplay, in case that someone needs info: 2007 usb dongle: Yellow sticker 2008 usd dongle: Blue sticker 2009 usb dongle: Green sticker
  3. There is a big change that you are right, but the problem wasn't the wrong dongle but the wrong installation. Anyway, first of all i want to know for sure, for which version is my dongle, in order to try with the correct version. Since the owner told me something about 2007, tommorow i will try update2007/XPO_OTS04.00.rar Wish me good luck, any further info about the usb dongle acceptable.
  4. HDD drive is 120gb, just the partition the photoplay create is 1.48gb. When i create fat16 partition it didn't allowed me to do bigger than 4gb. I used CD drive, not dvd drive, since igo7 is 2 700mb isos. I tried already as you said, cd rom on the white ide and hard disk on the blue, no luck. I tried cd rom on the white with hdd on it's case and default position, no luck. The usb dongle just have a sticker that sais "GR" (greek version).
  5. I spend all my day with no luck. The previous owner said that the previous falty drive had the 2007 version installed (not specify what kind of "2007") IGO7 means 2007 or am i wrong? I found some pages on the internet like this http://www.arcadoman...lay-Smart-21/en so i believe that this smart 2.1 can run the igo7. Correct me if im wrong. *First try: Opened the case, connect an ide cdrom and the hard drive on the same ide cable and connect to motherboard. Result: No boot, error "bad or missing command interpreter". Tried only the cdrom without the hdd, the same. Tried some master/slave jumper settings, the same. Tried another ide cdrom drive, same. *Second try: connect both the cdrom and the hard drive to a pc. All procedure ok, cd boots fine, partitions the hdd and copy files. Then i put the hdd to the photoplay, "cannot find mbr" error. This applies when i had the hdd ntfs formated before booting from cd. When i format hdd to fat32, it gives error like no having disk at all. When i format the disk to fat (fat16, 4gb partition) it gives cannot find mbr. I can't think what's wrong. From my point of view, there are these chances: Bad hdd. I give him some test, some checkdisks, i believe that if it had some errors, it would give some error sometime. Bad cds. A bit unlikely, looked perfect, burn them yesterday. Again, if there was a problem, it would give error in update procedure. Some ideas? ps: on http://update.photoplay.com/photoplay/dvd/old/ what's the difference between the igo7 version, and the "update 2007" version? update 2007 looks xp version (XPO_OTS04.00.rar) should i give it a try or it would have a dongle problem? I'm still not sure from what year is the usb dongle, is there a change that this machine would had XPO_OTS04.00 version?
  6. Then i guess that this system had xp version installed (that explains the gray usb dongle). I have this smart 2.1 http://www.stockgames.gr/photos/f730d2912f3a747a08d33c5163b3db74.jpg When you say " just take off the cap of the pc" you mean to take completly out the motherboard case and connect just a screen, cd and the hdd? On some photoplay i opened someday, it was easy to take out the case, in this specific is different and it looks hard. Im going now to check details
  7. Hello again! Pleasant to meet you. I have the sprint 2.1 with 6WEV motherboard. I try to update to version IGO7 and i knew almost all of these you said. I'm not sure what program had the first hard drive (the broken one), but i didn't knew that dongle is for specific version. You mean if it had the IGO3 it will NOT run with IGO7? The usb dongle is gray, do you know from which version is? Are you sure about the connector on the front of the system? I didn't find anything, but i will check again today for sure.
  8. Hello all! I think i will need help! I have a photoplay smart 2.1 and it's hdd stopped working. I replace it with another, now i want to write igo7 (i read that's the latest i can put to this hardware). First of all, i tried to connect a usb cdrom to photoplay, no luck to boot from cd (old mothermoard). Then i put the external cdrom and the hdd to a pc, and i had problem again (probably driver-oriented because after creating ramdrive , it said that it could not find cd) I later tried a sata cd rom in the same machine (with ide mode on bios), no luck again. The only thing that remains is to try a ide (pata) cdrom. Question: What's the real problem? What can i do to write disk? I supposed that photoplay update cds had some limitation, like running only on default hardware but the funny thing is that when i try to boot igo7 iso on virtual machine, it boots and prepares a hdd (virtual), with no problem at all! If anything fails, i will try somehow to write the virtualbox vhd image to the disk. Secondary, is there is a change replacing the motherboard with better cpu and more ram, in order to put a newer version like AIO12? Of course i have the usb dongle and i will use the same hardware (touch screen, camera, serial connections etc) Any help will be appreciated! Thanks.