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Found 5 results

  1. Retro Gamer #128 mei 2014 Met deze maand: Croc: The legend of the Gobbos The making of: Golden Axe The making of: Zarch (Acorn Archimedes) Game Boy retrospecive (25 jaar Game Boy special) The rise and fall of cheats Tekken 20 years Rock 'n roll racing Legends of Lore The bluffer's guide to scrolling beat-'em-ups Top 25 Sega Saturn games En nog veel meer Volgende maand: The hardest games of all times, 25 jaar Atari Lynx, Crazy Taxi, Maze Games
  2. Iets later gescand dan normaal, maar hier is hij dan toch: Retro Gamer #125 met: Ultimate guide: Paperboy Resurrecting Putty Squad Acorn Archimedes special The story of Thor The making of: Paradroid The history of Toejam & Earl Movielicense awards (beste spellen gebaseerd op films) The making of: Sinistar Atari 8-bit - 35 years young The making of: Battletoads (NES) Interview met Howell Ivy (o.a. Mouse Trap, Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA) Galaga '88 in de uitsmijter Volgende maand: 30 years of Knight Lore, WOnderswan, Ballblazer, Pete Cook en Strider
  3. Deze maand: The evolution of IBM PCs Ultimate guide: Salamander Gaming's greatest underdogs (o.a. Zool, PC Kid, Mega Man en James Pond) The story of Alex Kidd The making of Comix Zone Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater The history of: Killer Instinct The history of Cinemaware (o.a. Defender of the Crown, The Three Stooges, Wings, It came from the dessert) Atari ST special The making of: Stonkers 21 budget games (o.a. BMX Simulator, Fantasy World Dizzy en Action Biker) The making of: Tempest 2000 Sega Marine Fishing In the chair: Garry Kitchen (o.a. Bart Simpson vs the Space Mutants)
  4. In de nieuwe RetroGamer 119: 20 jaar Cannon Fodder Atari Jaguar special "20 jaar later" Q-Bert special The making of: Super Castlevania IV Castle of illusion (Mickey Mouse) Guide to puzzle games The making of: Deactivators Top 25 SNES games ZX Spectrum 128 Zeppelin Games (Zybex, Stack up, Arnie, Auto club revolution) The making of: Counter Strike Onbekendere, maar goede platformers (o.a. The Apprentice op de CD-i) Prince of Persia En nog veel meer! Volgende maand: 3DO special, Earthworm Jim, Famicom Disk System en Videogame icons, van Mario tot Lara Croft.
  5. MEt deze keer: Sim City 70's Home Computers 10 launch disasters (denk aan de Virtuaboy) The new zealand story F-Zero Indiana Jones Chase H.Q. 30 essential shooters En meer!
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